Kadima.Ventures Brings Innovation to Invitations

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Together with investors, incubators, startups, and corporate sponsorships, this Phoenix-based tech company is solving the dismal failure rate of early stage companies and is taking ideas to a whole new level.

Kadima.Ventures is changing the way that early stage ideas are brought to life. Next month, they will begin inviting investors, incubators, and startups across the country to their Innovation Fair that takes place January 30th, 2018 at WestWorld in Scottsdale, AZ.

There’s only one catch: you have to get your hands on an elusive Kadima Invite Coin.  A coin is your invitation. And they’re going to be hard to come by. Kadima.Ventures will give a limited number of Invite Coins to active incubators across the country who then must decide which of their companies will have a chance to attend. The goal is to discover the most innovative and exciting startups across the country and pair them with investors, strategic partners and corporations at the Innovation Fair.

Key investors will be invited by receiving an Elite Kadima Invite Coin that’s unique to them.  These highly-prized Elite Invite Coins are given only to investors who are serious about transforming and funding the future.

Receiving a coin like this has long been a tradition among members of the military as a way to prove membership and encourage alliances. For centuries, soldiers have earned challenge coins that distinguish them for their service and achievements. The coins are a badge of honor, allegiance, and willingness to meet any challenge.

This new way of bringing together innovative startups and progressive investors is just one of the ways Kadima.Ventures and its co-founder and CEO, Tim Wales, are changing how investors, incubators, startups, and corporations interact. To find out how you can be a part of the solution and receive your exclusive Kadima Invite Coin, contact your local incubator or accelerator.

For more information on Kadima.Ventures visit https://kadima.ventures/

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